Cacau Foods

CACAU FOODS is a traditional company from Marília, state of São Paulo, where since the year 2000 has been producing ingredients that make people’s lives much more tasty and happy. From 2011 onwards, began to strengthen in the party/ingredients segment with the implementation of the sprinkles line. Today has a large portfolio in this segment, being one of the best knewn brands in the market.

The DECORA FESTA and DONA JURA brands are present in party shops, wholesale stores and supermarkets all over Brazil and the world, with quality products such as sprinkles, nonpareils, drained cereals, chocolate powder, cocoa powder and fondant.

Another important segment for the company is the supply of bulk products for industries and the production of private labels. CACAU FOODS has been gaining prominence with an innovative product line.

Know the quality of our products and create delights. CACAU FOODS, taste and fall in love.