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Educandário Bento de Abreu Sampaio Vidal is a non-profit social organization founded in 1957 that works for the social, intellectual, cultural and emotional development of at-risk children, social vulnerability and low income, as well as their families, aiming at the formation of ethical and honest citizens and the improvement of family income through professional qualification courses, contributing to the improvement of the community where it operates.


The Educandário was founded on August 17 of the year 1,957, being part of the complex of interconnected improvements that began with the construction of the Holy House of Mercy of Marilia. Mr. Bento de Abreu Sampaio Vidal and his family were the creators and providers of these works, having the Educandário named after his memory.

Arising from the willingness of its benefactors to also care for children without family, still in the year 1,957 it was decided that the invitation to take over the direction of the Educandário, which was promptly accepted, would be made to the religious of St. Vincent de Paulo in Canada.


The entity created life due to the need to receive orphan boys, who had no families and who were at risk and breaking family ties.

From 1990, when the Statute of the Child and Adolescent came, the number of orphanages in Brazil was limited and the Educandário, then, underwent a restructuring, from being a host service to a coexistence service and strengthening ties. , serving children and adolescents with families, but in socially vulnerable situations during the school shift.


Boys aged from 6 to 13 years, and adolescent of both sexes from 14 to 17 years old, coming from families in social, psychological, economic, pedagogical and low professional qualification situation.


Contribute to the creation of conditions and opportunities that enable the social development of children, adolescents and adults to generate social transformation.


A just, egalitarian and poverty-free society where everyone has opportunities to develop their capacities and can fully exercise their rights.


Solidarity - It is the act of kindness and love of neighbor that moves us to believe in the strength of the community for the betterment of society.

Belief - The certainty that it is possible to improve the quality of life of families living in poverty and injustice gives us the determination to work restlessly and with others to achieve it.

Excellence - All our work must be of high quality, as it is directed to those who need it most: it is rigorous, creative, innovative and proactive to always seek solutions quickly.

Diversity - All individuals have a space in the school, regardless of ethnic or social background, religious beliefs, political options or sexual orientation.

Optimism - We see the future with hope, not ingenuity, as we believe it is possible to work with joy and determination to improve the future of families and children.


The purpose of the Educandário is to assist children and adolescents living at risk and social vulnerability in the northern and southern regions of Marília, promoting conditions for the interruption of the cycle of victimization or any other type of neglect, helping to strengthen family relationships. / social, working to guarantee equal conditions of access to education, eradicate extreme poverty, child labor and the full protection of children and adolescents.

The project has as method the multidisciplinary attendance of specialized professionals like pedagogue, social worker and sociologist along with workshops that contemplate the teaching of the following activities:


The activities involve the application of rules of different sports with emphasis on socialization, interaction, education, physical, psychological and nutritional development. For this, body, leisure and competition activities are developed in various sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer and table tennis.


The art workshop develops drawing and painting skills with experiences that encourage the experimentation of techniques, materials and styles. Activities such as painting, drawing, music, theater and dance are performed that collaborate with the playful and motor development, sensitivity, creativity, self-esteem, concentration and transformation in a process of self-knowledge of their abilities.


This workshop aims to develop reading, writing and calculus exercises together with basic computer tools, offering opportunities to enter the job market and providing children and adolescents with direct contact with the computer.


The workshop deals with diverse topics that are part of its daily life such as: moral values, social organizations, traffic laws; communities: problems, local difficulties, etc.


As a goal of the institution, as a complement, every last Friday of the month is marked by the practical execution of the need to exercise our citizenship, where all children accompanied the raising of the National, State and Municipal Flags and the execution of the National Anthem. . As a final activity, before going to school, at lunch time is celebrated the birthday of each child, emphasizing its importance in the reality in which they are inserted.


The workshop aims to provide pleasant and relaxed moments, making children interact through games and play, storytelling, folding and puppets, recyclable toys and body expression, increasing respect, motor coordination, spatial and temporal notion. and especially creativity, developing memorization, concentration and imagination. Inserted in this space, the electronic devices that connect us to world events (DVD, Internet, etc.), appear not only as supporting, but as a true effective link of consequent assimilation and construction of knowledge in a modern and current way, being called this then MIDDLE space.



The “Hands on Wheat” Project aims to contribute to raising the self-esteem of young people in socially vulnerable situations by promoting income generation and professional qualification courses. The project proposes, through self-awareness, to develop their self-confidence by eliminating beliefs that prevent them from expressing their talents and potentials. Thus contributing to its insertion in the labor market and enabling the conquest of its space in social and productive life.


Giving sustainability to the social projects developed by Educandário Bento de Abreu Sampaio Vidal, making the projects of income generation and professional qualification for economically vulnerable young people economically viable, and enabling the bakery to function with the sale of products prepared weekly for the self-sustenance of the entity.


Specific objectives:

Training of the population covered by the project for income generation through courses of salty, sweet, bread and other homemade products;

Creation of entrepreneurial opportunities from the courses offered for income generation;

Contribute to the potential of the target audience, and attract people from other locations to meet and bring improvements to the population with new leisure and food options.

I promote the bakery with the marketing of its products.


Basics of Craft Bakery

It develops the experience and preparation of its own food, handling of bakery materials, nutritional notions (its value and importance), basic hygiene guidance, space organization, ways to avoid waste, accident prevention, and fixing and learning. the recipes, learn teamwork and new skills.


The workshop aims to offer opportunities for insertion into the labor market, breaking one of the barriers of social inequality, promoting interpersonal growth, skills that contribute to the mastery of reading, writing and calculation, as computer science is now part of our daily lives, and insertion in the job market requires knowledge and mastery of basic computer tools.





We serve children who are victims of domestic and sexual violence from families mostly involved with alcohol, drugs and crime with no family structure. Because of this, many children have behavioral problems and mental deficits, making their learning and socialization difficult. Among the families served, we can highlight some cases in which our work promoted family restructuring and behavior change, minimizing and interrupting cycles of violence, forming enlightened families aware of their responsibility for the protection and care of their children, and also improving income and consequently the quality of life.



Assistance to 100 (one hundred) boys from 6 to 13 years old, in the morning, providing them with socio-educational activities, aiming at integration in the family and society.


Assistance to 10 (ten) adolescents from 13 to 17 years old, in the afternoon, with Citizenship, Sports and Computer and Bakery preparatory workshops, providing them with experiences and opportunities to enter the job market, and during the morning they attend the State Education Network;


Serving 86 (eighty-six) families. Welcoming and supporting the formation and education of their children, thus contributing to the family structure and the improvement of quality of life. The actions are carried out with an interdisciplinary team, through individual consultations, socio-educational meetings, home visits, guidance and referral to community safety nets and resources.


Educandário Bento de Abreu Sampaio Vidal has documentation of recognition for his sixty-one (61) years of work:

Municipal Public Utility Law No. 7843-14 / 07/2015-Approved by the City Council on 15/06/2015 PL No. 65/2015

Registration nº 32/96 in the Municipal Council of Social Assistance of Marília since June 06, 1996.

Registration No. 32/96 on the Marilia Municipal Council for the Rights of the Child and Adolescent.


+55 (14) 3417-5555


São Paulo
Avenida Eugênio Coneglian, 2460
Industrial District - Marília
ZIP Code: 17512-050

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